University Professor Mag. Dr. Gerhard HANAPPI
Curriculum Vitae

4.12.1951 Born in Vienna, son of Dipl.Ing.Gerhard Hanappi (architect) and Waltraud Hanappi (born W.Strohmaier)
1957-1961 Primary school: "Volksschule Speising" in Vienna A-1130
1962-1970 Secondary school: "BRG & BG XIV", Astgasse 3, Vienna A-1140, (emphasis on natural sciences)
June 1970 "Matura" (final examination), type: "Realschule"
1970-1971 Military service (october 70 - june 71) at the Austrian army, FLAWTS (air defence) in Langenlebarn
1971-1974 Studies of civil engineering ("Bauingenieurwesen") and architecture at the university of technology of Vienn
1974-1980 Studies of economics and informatics ("Wirtschaftsinformatik")
1976-1978 Full-time work as operator and programmer at the computer center of the university of technology
March 1980 Master's degree of the study of informatics and economics: Magister rerum socium et oeconomicum (title of the thesis: "Market processes with incomplete information")
June 1980 Birth of son Tibor
1980-1982 Econometrician at the "Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries" (OPEC) in Vienna. Main field of occupation: global econometric modelling and energy demand and supply forecasting
June 1983 Birth of daughter Vivian
1980-1988 Ph.D. study of economics at the university of Vienna
1987-1990 Executive director and shareholder of OECON GmbH (consulting in economics and software engineering)
February 88 Ph.D. in social sciences, title: Doktor rerum socium et oeconomicum. Title of the thesis: "The Stages of Capitalist Development. An evaluation of theories about long waves in economic life" ("Die Stufen kapitalistischer Entwicklung. Eine Einschätzung der Theorie der langen Wellen der Konjunktur"). Published as "Die Entwicklung des Kapitalismus", P.Lang Verlag, Bern, 1989.
1982-1992 Assistent professor at the institute of economics and economic policy at the university of technology of Vienna (chair: Prof.Dr.Dr.Helmut Frisch), from Oct. 89 to march 90 chairman of the institute. Fields of work: macroeconomics, long-run international economics, technical progress, energy, history of thought (Marx, Schumpeter), game theory, evolutionary economics, modelling (sectoral dynamic simulation models), artificial intelligence and artificial life, electronic commerce
1990 Invitation as visting professor to the New School of Social Research, New York
Since 1993 Associate professor at the institute of economics ("Habilitation") venia legendi "Wirtschaftsinformatik" (economics and informatics) with the book: "Evolutionary Economics. The Evolutionary Revolution in the Social Sciences." Avebury Press, London, 1994
1992 - 1996 Researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences Participation in several research projects in the above mentioned areas, numerous publications in economics and computer science, participation and organization of international conferences and workshops
June 1995 Marriage with Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger
1994 - 1996 Deputy Director of the Research Unit Socioeconomics at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, (responsible for the development of the overall research structure, finance structure, employment structure and international relations)
1997 Provisional Head of Department of Economics at the University of Technology. Consultant at the Austrian Academy of Sciences
November 1997 Birth of son Zenon
Since November 1998 Deputy Head of the Institute of Economics
1999 Research Fellow at the International Centre of Electronic Commerce (Seoul, Korea)
October 2000 Research Coordinator for 'Evolutionary Economics' during the research year on 'Complexity' at the Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Forschung, ZIF (Bielefeld, Germany)
November 2000 Coordinator of the research area 'Value, Needs and Pricing' of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, EAEPE (United Kingdom)
October 2001 Chairman of the International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC 2001) in Vienna, Wiener Hofburg
January 2002 Scientific and Executive Director of the newly founded Institute for Monetary Economics (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute)
March 2002 Member of the Board of the International Schumpeter Society
July 2003 Designated President of the "Ausschuss für Evolutorische Ökonomik" of the "Verein für Socialpolitik" and member of the board of the latter (starting 01/01/2004)
August 2003 Jean Monnet Chair for Political Economy of European Integration, chair granted by the Commission of the European Union
November 2003 Member of the Council of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy
November 2003 Member of the Senat of the University of Technology of Vienna

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